Happy (late) Easter

I hope you all had a great Easter holiday.

You may notice, things have been really slow around these parts. This isn't true, however, for our real life.

Between my finals, preparing to take my nursing exam again, my husband transitioning between jobs, family in from out of town/moving, Disneyland, Michael's new classes and play dates, the gym (yes!) catching up on movies AND enjoying our new tv, cooking but eating out too, etc. you can see why I haven't really blogged.

Well, I kinda lied. I do have time. I pride myself in my time management.

And I don't have writer's block. I think I have too much to say.

I am, however, choosing to put down the electronics.

Okay, another lie. I still use my phone & iPad from time to time. But instead, I'm opting to make phone calls, utilizing Facetime, and reading eBooks.

The other day I even chose to take silly pictures like these, while everyone else still napped.:

So life has been good, great even. But I hope you all stick around.

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