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It's been almost 20 months, 2 failed publishing attempts (1 blog completely written & poof, gone,) 32409874 times saving this entry, and what feels like a lifetime since Michael was born.

My labor & delivery story isn't glamorous. Not even entertaining. Probably because I was more concerned about Michael making his way into this world in the most pain free way possible.

But this is our story.


I didn't wake up the morning of September 09 thinking I was going to have a baby the following morning. I didn't see any signs, didn't have the light click off in my head, or feel any special tingles that would make me think otherwise. I was just extremely ecstatic that my husband had the day off.
That morning, I had my weekly appointment. I also began to feel what I will describe as "static electricity on my pelvis" which my doctor later confirmed that I was in labor. Effaced, dilation, crowning? I don't even remember. All I do remember though is that my doctor told me to check into the labor and delivery unit later that afternoon if my "tingles" continued. She had a hunch Michael would be coming.
"Whatever" I thought. We came home, loaded up the car. That's when the infamous mucus plug came out. Don't Google it. Just know that at that point, I was convinced Michael was coming too.
Pit stop at the mall, where I devoured a whole 2 entree Panda Express meal. Funny how these are the details I do remember. I remember strolling the second level of the mall with my husband thinking that this was probably the last moment it would be just me and him.
When we got to the hospital, I was still feeling fine. I didn't have to rush in or be wheelchaired through the doors. We checked in, I put on the most fabulous hospital gown, and was hooked up. Low and behold, the machine indicated I was in labor.
We took the time to call our family and close friends. They couldn't transfer me into an actual room because I wasn't as dilated as they wanted me to be. At this point, I complained to my husband. "Why not send us home then?"
That quickly changed within the hour. I began progressing quickly. And by progressing quickly, I mean the pain.
The pain. That's all I really remember for the next few hours until Michael was born. I was just in pain.  A lot of pain. I remember it was the NFL season opener and I think my husband had hot wings for dinner. But the pain. Now, I have a high tolerance for pain. But no tattoo or piercing that I've had comes close to the pain of a contraction. Nothing.
Yes, I did get an epidural. Props to the women who can do without it. You're amazing to me. And to the rest of humanity.
The epidural made me really sleepy. Probably making me the worst patient to have in a labor & delivery unit. (They want you in and out of there.) But trust me, you would rather have me asleep then awake and pissed. I did feel bad though for family and friends in the waiting area. (I would say it was probably 11p at this point.) The epidural also made me lose sensation "down there" which made pushing extremely difficult. I just didn't feel anything even though I was pushing with everything I had.


Finally, at 2 something in the morning on September 10, 2010, Michael was born.

I couldn't believe it. We were parents. And the feeling of finally holding your baby is like NOTHING, absolutely nothing I have ever experienced.
I'll spare all the gorey details of the post birth clean up, about my husband seeing my placenta being delivered (woops,) or of the pain (it doesn't stop once baby is born.) The whole labor and delivery part was a shock to me, the feelings, the procedures, everything. The whole "after delivery" was an even bigger surprise.
We had both agreed that we wanted Michael circumcised. What we didn't expect was all the pain that he would undergo. I'm not exaggerating when I say this, but Michael just did not stop crying for what I felt was hours. He was in a lot of pain from the procedure. There was even a point where I thought to myself "Is this what having a baby will be like? Nonstop crying?" We didn't sleep for the next 24 hours. The nurses were amazing though. The following day our nurse offered to watch Michael for a few hours so we could sleep. It's amazing what a few hours of rest can do to a new parent. After waking up, I felt ready to go.
Michael passed his hearing test, my husband changed his first diaper, and we even went to a class about "Baby Care Basics" with all the other new families in the unit. It's funny thinking back how careful we were taking Michael for a walk across the hall in his plastic hospital crib/box.
We were showered with love from the hospital who prepared my husband and I a "date dinner" and all our loved ones who visited (even though we understand now why people say to limit your visitors.) When I finally turned my iPhone back on, I was blown away by the amount of missed calls, voicemails, texts, Tweets, everything.

Would I want to do it all over again? Honestly no. Would I change anything? No on this one too. But reliving the story of how it all began makes me feel a little nostalgia. It's amazing how a baby can truly change your life. And everyone closest to you too. I kept pinching myself, making sure this was all real. I remember taking a million pictures, this one being my most favorite one.

We then went home 2 days later as new parents. As new people.

On September 10, we not only became parents, but were blessed to finally know what our purpose on earth was.


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