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Getting your little one to eat- Item #3487439824605 on the list of things new parents never knew would be such a daunting task.

Luckily for me, Michael consumes practically anything we give him. But there are those days when I just want to pull my hair out because he flat our refuses to eat.

Kids copying other kids. If one child sees another child eating, the chances they will eat too is quite high.

Such a simple concept right?

Enter the Copy-Kids dvd.

From their website-
Copy-Kids is a DVD series designed to get very young children excited about eating fruits and vegetables.
Simple. Adorable. It shows kids having such a good time eating fruits and veggies, that when children watch it they want to join in.
Featuring well-known pediatrician, Dr. Jay Gordon, this product is a positive approach in the quest to get children eating healthy from the start.
I'm giving this 6 thumbs up today. Two from me, two from my husband, & two from Michael. Although I mentioned that it's been quite a breeze feeding the little guy, I'm happy to report that this dvd gets credit for my son trying and loving bell peppers. And strawberries.

The interview with Dr. Jay Gordon also proves to be really informative for those frequently asked questions we all want to Google.

I would like to see more of these videos, possibly expanding to more vegetables and citrus fruits.

"Because children learn best from other children." Couldn't have said it any better.


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