Avocado Wasted

baked avocado with egg and cheese as seen on @thatfoodcray #dinner #crack #fatboy
Avocado Wasted
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It has been quite some time since I've updated on what's been cooking in our kitchen. In all honesty, I haven't really cooked in almost 2 months. I haven't even done a "real" grocery trip in that long too. Between family get-togethers during the week AND weekends (with plenty of leftovers to take home) combined with our (my husband, Michael, and me) family bonding time exploring and trying new restaurants, I just haven't had to cook. Or grocery shop. Or even think of preparing a meal. Besides my morning coffee. And my husband's sacked lunch. Did I mention we've had a supply of donuts in our house for the past 2 weeks?

But there's always a "but". Last week, my husband sent me this recipe from the food blog That Food Cray. First of all, awesome blog name. Second, avocado, egg, AND cheese? I'm in pure heaven. Third, it's kid friendly. They'll be getting their protein, calcium, and antioxidants in a fun, gooey, colorful mess.

So I decided to bake this last night. Of course, we combined it with Ezekiel bread because we're such health nuts. (Sarcasm. Even that was given to us to try.)  And my husband described it best- We were "avocado wasted".

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