A Day In Our Life | 08/20/12

I LOVE reading these posts on other blogs, so finally, I did one! This is typically how our day goes, which can be the total opposite the next day.

Rise & shine!  Michael usually wakes around 6a, so the 15 minutes is a bonus.  He crawls into our bed and we spend the next few minutes contemplating what the day holds for us.  Then I get up and get ready while he plays with everything and anything in the bathroom drawers.  I NEED to get ready now or I may stay in my pajamas the rest of the day.

Breakfast time. I get my coffee, rinse off some dishes from the day before, check e-mail/school forums, & possibly write a blog post at this time.  Michael prefers having breakfast (cereal and milk, not together) on the floor. He then tazmanian devils across the living room and kitchen.

He plays in his playroom while I try to get a workout in. Then I read him some books.

Sometimes he takes a nap. Today he doesn't.

We've started Michael on Tot School. We spend the next 30-45 minutes doing activities I planned for him. Then I get him ready.

Woops Forgot this 10:30a one
We run our errands at this time. Michael has a snack (dried apples) & we head to CVS. Then we head to story time at Barnes & Noble. Surprisingly, he stays put through the entire story time.

But he then spots...

Lunch time (broccoli with cheese & a sandwich). We Facetime with Daddy, since he's on lunch too. He watches Super Why! afterwards.

We're back in his playroom. He starts to slow down. Since he prefers to sit quitely with his wooden toys and puzzles, I use the time to start cleaning the room I planned to that day.

Nap time. I usually take this time to finish cleaning up the room I started before his nap. Today, it was the bathrooms so it took a bit longer. Then I have some "me" time: I browse the internet & read. I'm currently on Nicholas Sparks' 'Three Weeks With My Brother" and am so intrigued by the fact he grew up in Inglewood! I also have enough time to respond to some school forum threads and blog comments.

Finally wakes up!  There are a lot of cuddles at this time. Surprisingly, he's in a good mood. He doesn't usually wake up in the best spirits after sleeping so long. He then has a snack (peaches).

Daddy comes home early today. Michael spends some time with him in the office, while I get the dinner ready. Tonight, its Mexican. We all have taquitos and nachos!

Michael's gained energy from the almost 3 hour nap and dinner is unleashed. There's no stopping him at this time. We take him outside too to burn off more energy. At around 7, he again starts to slow down. It's movie time (Toy Story 3) for him and clean up time for us.

We read him some books, give him a nice, long, relaxing bath, & he has some milk before its bedtime at 8:30. At this time, I put him to bed while my husband catches up on some work and relaxes.

We're both so tired at this point. We were going to watch 'The Lucky One' but once my husband's head hit the pillow, he was out. (No surprise since he's been up since 5a). Now that I think about, I think he faked it so he didn't have to watch the movie with me. HAHA And if you're wondering where all my time in between the different hours of the day are spent, its literally chasing Michael around. I watch some tv to relax & head to bed too.

And we do it all over again the next day.



  1. I agree, these posts are fun to read. One of these days I will have to post my day in order. Most days it is errand, errand, errand. LOL

  2. Hi Kristina,

    Thought I would come over and read some of your posts. These are some of my favorite kinds. It just amazes me how busy our lives are and how fast a day goes by. You did an amazing job of describing everything on that timeline...wow. I wanted to thank you for commenting on my inspirational blog post at Dedicated 2 Life after the hop.

    Your little one is so adorable. Wishing you and your family the best and I look forward to stopping over again to see what you are writing about. = )