InstaFriday | 08/03/12

Thanks to @kvillaruz I now have one of these bad boys. Time to #makeitcount 

July turned into August this week. And I didn't even feel it.

Our family was still coming off the high that was my husband's birthday. Why we celebrated for a whole week straight is beyond me. But it made my husband happy. And that makes for a happy family. (Because I didn't have to cook all week!!)

So what does our family do to nurse all the overindulgences that was his birthday? WORK OUT. Hence, the fuel band picture up top. My husband not only went on a bike ride but ventured out to the gym, both at 5a. Michael & I discovered some new neighborhood parks where I tried to do this work out-

while he went up the stairs and down the slide, over and over and over again. Keyword tried. You gotta do what you gotta do right?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Working out is what keeps me sane! Cool to see that you guys do it together.

    1. Same here. I need to workout JUST to keep up with Michael.

  2. stopping by to say hello! thanks so much for visiting me the other day, too!