July Favorite | Kourtney Kardashian's Mommy Blog

Okay. I know you rolled your eyes. I know its not July (I didn't do a July favorite, so here it is) and I know, Kardashian. The K word you wish you didn't have to hear...again. Why are they famous again right? Even after watching their interview on Oprah, I still don't know.

But it's my guilty pleasure. And sometimes, you need that to survive a day with a toddler. A very energetic toddler.

I stumbled across Kourtney's Mommy Blog last year. So, I was excited to see some new uploads these past few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised about our common views on books, co-sleeping, and just the "go with the flow" mentality of raising a young one.

Reading the comments made me realize too how crazy it is to raise your child in the public eye. People critique you over everything. Some people even mentioned how they saw Kourtney take Mason out without shoes. But kudos to her for continuing to be so open and candid with these vlogs.

Here are some of my favorite videos. Enjoy!



  1. I've heard of the name but I wasn't sure who the Kardashans were. It must be hard to be a Mother in the public eye.
    Thank you for your lovely comment over at my blog :)
    Your newest follower!

  2. it actually surprised me when i caught a little of the kardashians on television and i saw how down-to-earth and likeable kourtney was. i will be the first to admit i was wrong in my prejudice. ;)

  3. i didn't know she had a mommy blog - i seriously love her style! :)
    So glad you found me - I am now following you on GFC!

    Excited to read more!



  4. Oh dear. I'm gonna have to watch these!!! I didn't know she had a blog!!!!

  5. Oh how awesome!!! Little Mason is just the cutest too! Kourtney is just great I think.
    Thanks for stopping by my site...I am now a new stalker...um follower LOL.

  6. YAY! I'm glad you all stopped by & are fans/new fans too.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. Your little guys is so adorable!!! Love your blog. Im your new follower Http://www.mymakeupboxes.blogspot.com

  8. LOL! Yes, I'm glad you said that....I did roll my eyes when I read the title! :-) I don't know how anybody lives their private lives publicly. My blog is about as public as I get! Thanks for posting!

  9. I love the Kardashian's! Just bc it's easy, thoughtless, and so funny to watch! I think Kourtney is good mom, and probably one of the saner on that show lol. Great post!

  10. It's me, stopping by your blog just as you did mine :) haha! Love this post, I'm totally going to watch these video's!!


  11. Stopping by to say hi and that I also adore Kourtney K! www.wegotthefunk1.com

  12. So glad to see this- I had no idea she had a mommy blog! Thanks for posting :)

  13. I love YouTube mommy vlogs! thanks for stoping by through the Mom's Monday Mingle! Check out The Mom's View on youtube, they have awesome videos discussing a range of topics about motherhood and it's joys.