Reflection | No Power

Our power went out this morning...again. More times this summer than the last 4 years we've lived in this house. Our transformer even blew up one of those times and we were without full power for 3 days. Today, I'm going to share with you my random thoughts, tips, & recollections of the morning events. No power definitely equals some of our more interesting mornings.:

  • How am I going to make my coffee? Without coffee, how am I going to surviiiiive?
  • My phone has only 14% battery left. Oh, we're really in trouble now.
  • I knew this thing would come in handy one day. (You should've seen my face when I got it.) It's not as intimidating as it looks, but it is as heavy. Sorry though, it doesn't power up the coffee maker (tried that) but it does charge your phone...and inflate tires, and jump start cars, and plays music, among other things. You can purchase it here

  • It's amazing how 3 different electrical company representatives stated that the power outage was due to 3 different things. And to the first rep I called, sorry I called too fast for you to find out the cause. I only had 14% battery on my phone and needed to know asap.
  • Michael played with every single puzzle he had during that time without power. But here's a tip parents. Let the kids assemble puzzles by ANY light source you have, including the window. You see, the sun was not fully out yet. So smart me thought it was okay to just stay put on the floor and not move that extra few inches to where the light hit the carpet directly. Yes, there was a lot of screams and a cry or two because Michael stepped on the peg portion of the puzzle piece. Ouch. Okay, maybe it wasn't a tip. More like common sense right?
  • No electricity is not fun. But it was fun observing our neighbors and local businesses from our front porch. We live in a condominium complex across the street from a gas station, restaurant, and small shopping center. People were panicking. But I actually didn't this time. We soaked up the summer air from our porch. Before the afternoon heat wave kicks in. We even saw a lady eat her entire breakfast & apply all her makeup in the car. And 4 Fedex trucks in the span of an hour. (Orders for the Power Dome, I hope.)
And when all the lights turned on, it was like the gates of heaven opened. Here's to our power being back on. To all 788 customers. I hope you had just as much fun as we did.



  1. haha yay, no fun being without power!

    Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! Have a great day!

  2. hope it comes back soon! look at all those people in India..wow! the many things we take for granted..

  3. Oh man, it's never fun when the power goes out--it definitely shows us how much we rely on electricity for so many of our daily activities. But really, as long as you can get fresh air outdoors, it's not too bad.