San Francisco 2012 | The Basics

one way to keep michael calm on the plane 

Flight. Hotel. Car Rental. The basics of any trip. Here are the highs, lows, and downright ugly of our San Francisco trip.

ready to fly

We could've driven ourselves to SF, but with only 2 days and 6 hours of driving (multiplied by 2 because we are traveling with a toddler), our time was definitely limited. We decided to try Virgin America because of their $59 one way deal, which is way less than filling up our suv with gas. We almost didn't make our flight, but the LAX Virgin staff was amazing checking in our stuff. The music blasting as you check in? Not cool. My husband said that the seats seemed a lot larger than Jetblue's and Continental's, but I didn't notice. The on-flight crew on the way there looked at Michael, who only cried before take off, like they'd never seen a crying toddler in their life. The on-flight crew on the way back home- much better. What else? We got free water. And our pilot was Virgin's Pilot of the Year. Six thumbs up overall.

like father like son

When staying overnight at any hotel, it is crucial to get a suite type of room. I can't imagine being cramped into 1 itty bitty room. I'm getting stir crazy thinking about it. Tripadvisor definitely helped us with this. After much research & a 10% off Tripadvisor coupon code, we went with Millwood Inn. The bad news? Our room wasn't ready by the time we got there. The payoff? They let us check out MUCH later than the normal time the next day. And the FREE hot breakfast. Not just your typical muffins and coffee. There was waffles, sausages, potatoes, the makings of a REAL breakfast.


Easily the worst part of our trip was the car rental. From the rude staff member to the wrong choice of car when we upgraded (we really didn't need a Camry.) I must say I was happy to find out that we did receive a refund from Budget after complaining about the rude staff member. It wasn't the best experience, but the price did make up for it.

We're traveling to NY in October. Any recommendations on places to stay there? Or any tips you can add?


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