San Francisco 2012 | Food

Let's just get to it:

The #1 most rated restaurant on Yelp. If that's not enough to get you interested, then I don't know what will. Just kidding. I was overwhelmed by their extensive menu. So much, that I opted for the BLT with mushrooms, because, well, I love mushrooms. And because it's my go-to sandwich. My husband went with the Nacho Boy (pictured above), which was a roast beef sandhich, with cheese, avocados and mushrooms. And of course, we can't forget Michael, who went with a $5 grilled cheese. Chips were good. Root bear was even better.

I'm Filipino so it was only natural for us to try what the Bay had to offer. And they definitely did not let me down. I chose the Sisig Suprise Sandwich (say that five times fast.) Now, be warned. This place is literally a hole in the wall. A gem in the rough. And sisig is basically like a sour pork. But combined with a fried egg & their famous "hitter sauce" on a toasted bun...Heaven. My husband? He got the sisig fries which is basically the above recipe on fries!

Sour. dough. Belgian. waffle. Enough said. When we went to Fisherman's Wharf, I anticipated a warm bowl of clam chowder. I did not expect to be drawn in by the amazing aroma of sourdough bread, enough to make me eat a second breakfast (first was a hot breakfast at our Inn, which I'll elaborate on a different day.) My husband and I devoured this in about 2 minutes, waiting for our parking meter to expire. Hah! You can even talk to the chef through the street window and peruse around their shop, marveling at all the sour dough art work. Free samples too!
All restaurants I will easily give my two thumbs up, five stars, the highest recommendation, "Like" it on Facebook, you name it, I'll praise it. San Francisco did not disappoint.


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  1. yummm now i want a food tour of SF thanks for sharing