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I wrote a while back how much sports meant to me, my family, my relationship, and my hopes for Michael. So of course, visiting the stadiums of some of the local professional teams were on the agenda.

at&t park

Now by no means am I a Giants fan, or new-found Giants fan, but wow. What a beautiful Park. The Park is situated by the Bay and close to Fisherman's Wharf. It was pretty cool too because we came on a game day. Fans were decked out in their black and orange. There was plenty to see and do, but it was too bad we couldn't find close enough parking to go down and actually explore.

I have to admit, I've experienced baseball, basketball, & football games, of various leagues and professional teams and nothing comes close to baseball fans. They are just so die-hard. (I hear that goes for college sports fanatics too.) Giants fans were no exception.

candlstick park

home of the 49ers

Home of the 49ers. First impression? $30 parking signs everywhere. Yikes. Second thought? What a massive place to have a power outage. But what a feeling it is, going to the place that housed sports history and memorable Joe Montana & Jerry Rice moments. I honestly felt like I was reliving childhood memories, watching Super Bowls at my Grandma's house. Now I was creating more with my little family.

It's too bad we couldn't experience how the 49ers fans tailgate. But by the looks of the people partying and drinking across the way at the local park, it must be something that we have to come back to SF for.


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