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Our family is always on the go. Whether its to run errands, go on a play date, travel by airplane, or just eat out, we are always go, go, go. This year is just going to be busier for us, as we have San Francisco, New York, San Diego, and Hawaii all lined up. Many of these trips are via plane too.

When we heard of Culturelle, we just thought we would have to give it a go. And having traveled some distance for Michael's first time swimming we decided to keep it packed in Michael's bag.

It was also crucial for us to have something like this because we have been hit by the sick bug. Maybe swimming was not the best idea, but having these Culturelle packs handy for the trip made us feel a little more confident.

In brief, Culturelle supports digestion, boosts health, and is trusted. The benefits of Culturelle include but are not limited to:

  • Helping reduce occasional digestive upset
  • Supporting kids' natural defenses
  • Providing a solution for digestive discomfort and poor health
  • Boosting digestive health which in turn has a positive impact on overall health and immunity
  • And is trusted by parents & pediatricians.

Now how does Culturelle work? The chewables are as self described. Kids (50-100 lbs) can just eat them. They come in a berry flavor too, so kids feel like their eating candy. (Little do they know they're taking something really good for them.) The probiotic packs can be mixed with any cool food or drink. These are recommended for toddlers like Michael who are 25-50 lbs.

Of course, like anything you give your kiddos, its best to consult your pediatrician before trying this.

Give it a try. Bonus, their website even has coupons. That's a plus in my book.

Now back to our swimming trip. Here's a photo from the day. Michael enjoyed the cold water, despite us going swimming at 11 in the morning. This was then followed by a 3 hour nap...for all of us! I sense more swim trips in the future.


getting our Phelps and Lochte


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  4. Probiotics have saved us with our youngest who spent a whole lot of time either at the doctors, in ER, or hospitalized before we started using them. Thanks for sharing!!

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    @Denise- I've always heard good things about probiotics, so I was happy to finally be able to get my hands on some.

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