2nd Birthday Party | What Didn't Work

(I made an edit to the "What Worked" post. Two words I forgot to mention: Taco. Lady.)

Today, I'm sharing with you what didn't worked during our party. The things we wish we didn't spend money on. The things that just didn't go to plan. The things that we wouldn't think twice in the future to spend any effort on. The things we didn't anticipate the 100+ degree to have such a major effect on.

Wrong Decor Choices
I'm not a fan of balloons. But they came with our party package. Never again. Out of the 24 balloons that were delivered, only 8 survived? Some flew away. Many popped.

We also had this genius idea of having round tables. They look so much better than rectangular ones. But are they practical? No. And this is solely because no one makes tables clothes for them! We tried doubling up on table clothes made for rectangular shaped tables. Which made them look even more cheesy.

The rentals delivery was also an hour & a half late. Thumbs down. I don't wish to publicly bash the party rentals company on the blog, but if you want a more honest, in-depth review, send me an e-mail here.


My father-in-law has an app which can tell the weather of any given place. Inside the jumper? 120 degrees! The kids LOVED the jumper. But as a parent, I eyed him like a hawk, with a water bottle in one hand and a cooled cloth in another. I wouldn't risk a child having a heat stroke or take the chance at some complication of dehydration at another party.

We purchased this Cars bingo game. Looks neat and unique right? Although the bingo winners enjoyed winning prizes, it took forever to play! I was so excited for this at Michael's party, that I didn't even bother to really check out the game. We had no idea who some of these characters were and the back and forth checking and rechecking was a total waste of time. I was so excited for this at Michael's party, that I didn't even bother to really check out the game.

What we learned from all of this? You can't buy fun and a good time. All you need are your loved ones present. And good food, of course.


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  1. Your newest follower! Here from Moms Monday Mingle.

    Love that you posted what didn't work! No one ever wants to admit that stuff! But it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one.