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To me, party planning has always been a stress-free, fun process. We've always planned everything: family parties, engagement parties, housewarmings, baby showers, etc. Even our wedding was a breeze to plan.

That all changes when you plan the party for your child.

I guess with planning your child's party, you set the bar so high for yourself AND your child. There's that level of perfection that you set for yourself that, I hate to say it, is unreachable.

Biggest lesson learned- No matter how well you plan, things always don't go to plan.

You should just aim for fun.

Today, I'm sharing with you what worked during our party. Take note, we didn't anticipate 100+ degree weather for our outdoor party, so these tips will be to help you all stay cool. I've also included a money saving tip.

Setting the Right Time
The party was set from 12-5. Now of course, I stressed out because Michael's usual nap is from 1-3. But my husband reassured me that 1, it was just for a day and 2, if he fell asleep it wouldn't be the end of the world. He did end up falling asleep for an hour and that hour came and went.

The great part of setting a time like this was that the likelihood of those invited arriving at say 6p would be very, very low. We had enough time to set up in the morning and even more time at night to clean up. We were already headed home, car packed and house cleaned by 8p.

Water Stations
Our guests didn't realize this, but we set up water stations around the house with not only bottles of water, but water mixed with cucumber to help keep them hydrated. The cucumber water was a big hit, even with the kids. (How to make it? Cut cucumber. Mix with water. Serve.) This was the first party I've ever planned where we not only ran out of ice, but water too.

DIY & Ask for help


We wanted to save as much money as we could. So we took our aunt's offer in having the party at her home. Other things that were offered to us included the favors, dessert, candy buffet, and birthday cake. Now if you know me, I HAVE to do things myself. So accepting help was a new thing for me, but paid off in the end. The trade off? We requested them not to give Michael any presents, since it was their home and offered to hire a cleaning lady.

Other things we opted to make ourselves? We designed Michael's birthday invite & took advantage of the FREE 50 print deal just for signing up at Shutterfly. We hand delivered most invitations, saving us the postage fee.

Cool Mists, Canopies, & Outdoor Fans
What DID we spend money on? Keeping our guests cool. We purchased 2 cool misters, a canopy, and used plenty of fans which didn't completely block out the heat but helped immensely. It helped so much that it was actual hotter INSIDE the house than outside.

*09/20/12 Edit- I can't believe I forgot about the taco lady, who was a MAJOR hit! So much, she ran out of food & left an hour early!


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