Toddle Along Tuesday | 09/04/12


When your child reaches a certain age, the question of whether or not you want to have another one creeps in.

Michael will be 2 in less than 2 weeks. 2 seems to be that magic number.

But I read this quote once and its stuck with me ever since.

I don't owe my child a sibling.  I'm providing him the best damn life I can.

Whether or not we decide to, we know a sibling would only add joy to Michael's life. But even without a sibling, we are still providing the best we can for him.

I never would want to have another child just for the sole fact that Michael would have a play mate, a companion, a sidekick. But oftentimes, that's what we hear. "Michael shouldn't be alone." "Michael needs interaction and the best way to do that is to give him a brother or sister." And the worst, "Parents of only 1 child are selfish."

Moms of multiples, did you ever question yourself about this?



  1. Hi there!!!! Visiting via your comment via the blog hop! :) Fun little chain there. Newest follower!!!

    We have a Son that is going to be 3 in December and everyone asks if we're going to have another, we'd better hurry up, don't wait to long. UGH. That quote is great!!!

  2. Hello! I'm one of your newest followers. I too have a Michael (1.5yrs old) and we get asked as well, "Well? When is baby number two coming? Michael needs a playmate." Blah I say!

  3. i think everyone of my siblings would call their sibling a blessing. I know everyone of my children call their siblings a blessing.,,,a sibling provides more support than money or friends or education or employees peers etc...

  4. Returning the comment you left on mine via blog hop hun :-)

    Only you know when it is right to have another child, a family who chooses to have just 1 is not selfish, i think they just think about life later on when the parents have passed away they are on their . I have 3 children and it is a lot, i did find it easier with 2 and my daughter was happy with siblings but then she feels like she misses out being an only child also. The decision can only suit the parents and their children. If your son would like another sibling and you feel you can look after another then why not. But if you are content with things the way they are who is anyone to say that is not right either. seems you have a loving stable family home already :-)