New York 2012 | The Basics

We're baaaaack! New York was amazing!!

on the way home. Michael would like to say thanks New York for a wonderful time.

Flight. Accommodations. Car Service & Public Transportation. The basics of any trip. Just like our San Francisco trip, I'm going to share the highs, lows, and downright ugly of our New York trip last week.


We used Virgin America again for this trip. Virgin is definitely my favorite airline. It maybe because Seth Green and Seth Rogan were on both of our flights. But it was once again a great experience. LAX to JFK? Easy. JFK back to LAX, not so much though. After going through x number of checkpoints, we didn't get stopped about our luggage until we were checking in to board the plane. Yeah, our bag was "too big" to be a carry-on. Whatever. No big deal since our flight landed an hour ahead of schedule. And the on-flight crew was SUPER friendly.


We initially booked the Doubletree in Times Square. Cost? Almost $1,000 for 3 days and 2 nights! Outrageous. Airbnb? Half the price. Of course, we wouldn't have used this service without our family & friends' recommendations and a place that has been reviewed by many families. But we're so glad that we did. Of course, we lucked out and found the perfect place. If you want recommendations, please send me an e-mail to kristina@yomichaelmichael.com and I'll be happy to share.


Car Service & Public Transportation
We asked our friends to recommend us some companies to pick us up from the airport (our place was about 40 minutes away.) Little did we know, we would be using car service for most of the trip. Although it is more costly than a cab or the train, when travelling with a 2 year old, you need that convenience. And when we saved money on our hotel, we were happy to spend it on car service. We only used it for airport trips and to take us to Yankee Stadium, which was about 45 minutes from our place. But we used public transportation (cabs and the train) when going places that required only a 5 minute ride. Everything else? We walked. Giving our Maclaren some serious mileage too.


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