New York 2012 | Food

Let's just get to it:
Southern Hospitality
We debated walking to JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's restaurant because it was about 10 blocks away. But we ended up doing it & quickly found out that NY blocks were nowhere close to how long LA blocks are. The food here was good. Not great. Good. You're basically paying for the (maybe Justin Timberlake will be there) "experience." But he wasn't. So 3 out of 5 stars it was.

Untitled shack attack

Shake Shack
No, it's not like In & Out. And yes, In & Out is still better. Hah. The burgers here were really good. You could really taste the meat. So were the cheesy fries. It tasted amazing. But I have to give three (yes, three) thumbs down for that chocolate shake. Too chocolate-y for my liking. I didn't even finish 1/3 of it. And that line. To me, it wasn't worth it. But then again, we got there at 12:30p, prime time for lunch.


Max Brenner
We kept hearing from everyone to save room for dessert here. Maybe it was because I was sooo hungry, but I shouldn't have listened. We opted to order just appetizers to make room for a big dessert. I'm a sucker for artichoke dip, so that was a yay. But I probably could've opted for a "real" dinner before dessert. Which happened to be hot chocolate.
Oh and the Hug Mugs. Google it. You can thank me now.

brunch with @kvillaruz @mvillaruz @lenmendoza @tiffanyvita #sisig #chickenandwaffles #tapsilog

I'm Filipino, so it was only natural for us to see what NY had to offer in the Filipino food department. The pictures above do not do justice to how great the food here was. Nor can this review. So please, check this out. And make a reservation beforehand. It's a small restaurant that gets packed really quickly.

(Photo courtesy of Tiffany)

You thought the line I was talking about at Shake Shack was long? Try an hour wait. That's what we did. And by the time we were seated, the wait was 2 hours. But it was sooooo worth it. And when you put your name down, they'll even take your phone information so that they can call you when you'll ready to be seated. So we ended up roaming around a nearby bookstore to kill time.
Back to the food. Pork buns and ramen. On a cold NY evening.  With our best friends. It couldn't sound anymore perfect right?

Dunkin' Donuts
Haha. We got coffee here every morning. We also got some K cups for my Dad. Yet, we enjoyed this morning breakfast tradition on our vacation. Something we usually don't back at home.

And I'm hungry again.



  1. I LOVE reading about your adventures in the city I live in! xx -Monica

    1. Thanks for stopping by Monica :) Praying for you all in the east coast

  2. I've been longing to go to New York since my early teens. Decades later, I've yet to go. However, after this post, I want to go even more now. LOL.

    I just started to follow your blog recently and hope for the same. After all Mommies to Michael's gotta stick together.

    Analilia {Ride The Spiral}

    1. Great to meet another Michael mama, Analilia :)

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