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At the end of last year, my husband and I created a list of all the things that we wanted to accomplish in 2012. This included everything from trying a new food spot a week to going on date nights, paying off our Toyota, traveling by plane, reading 12-20 books, attending Mass at 5 new churches, volunteering physically for 3 organizations, etc.

We would review this list every few months to make sure we're both on track and on the same page in terms of our goals. Although I am happy to report that we've successfully completed about 80% of our list, there was one bullet point that has gone untouched. And in a way, it has become a forgotten task.

Visit 5 new places in Los Angeles

Being from Los Angeles, I sometime take for granted that I'm from here. We would keep pushing the task of visiting a new place in Los Angeles simply because we are from here. There was always next weekend. Or the next Monday holiday. Or the next day off. But once you realize it, 3/4 of the year has gone by and you're wondering what you're going to be for Halloween.

That's why after our most recent review of the list, we decided that this weekend, we would just go. Of course, no trip to LA would be complete without our weekly Yelp! find. This time, we decided to check out Griddle Cafe on Sunset.


Untitled breakfast: the most important meal of the day
While exiting off the freeway, we noticed a tram heading up the top of the hill where the Getty was situated. This tram was our most favorite part of the day trip, as it provided great views and an entertaining ride for Michael.


Actually, the free admission was our favorite part.

Of course, Michael would beg to differ what his favorite part was. As you can see, anything water related was his favorite.

Untitled Untitled



And more pictures for your viewing pleasure:




hoodie- Target
polo- Ralph Lauren
shorts- Target
shoes- Nike


3/4 sleep top- H&M
shorts- H&M


button up-  Uniqlo
shorts- Active
shoes- Converse x Clot

To find out more about The Getty, please visit their website here.

4 more places in Los Angeles to go. But so glad we could mark this one off our list.



  1. Hello dear! I am your newest follow and would love for you to visit my way too!!;-) Adorable adventure photography of your little fam!




  2. Love the blog post and it's a great idea to make a list of places you want to go visit! LOVE all the pics of the family :)