Happy Thanksgiving! :)

We hope you all are safe AND stuffed.

Today, I wanted to take the time to share an article that touched my heart. I stumbled upon Theo Rossi's  (aka "Juice" from Sons of Anarchy) Twitter account, where he posted a Hurricane Sandy story from one mom's perspective. It made me take a step back and rethink how I was stressing over having to reschedule my Thanksgiving morning to accomodate making a dessert dish for our family potluck. Here's an excerpt-
Sandy devastated all Staten Islanders in varying degrees, whether we lost our electricity, our basements, our cars or our entire homes. But as a mom, my heart hurts everyday for those who lost everything that truly matters. When I hug my boys at night, I wonder if my arms would have been strong enough to hold onto them if a raging tidal wave tried to tear us apart and take them away from me. One Staten Island mother found out the dreadful answer to that question, and my heart aches for her.
It took me five days to cry after Sandy; I guess I was sort of shell-shocked. And when I tell you what set me off, you'll probably think it's odd. I finally ventured out to the local supermarket, dodging downed trees and power lines for some essentials (everything in our refrigerator was spoiled by then), and I saw the massive line of people waiting just to get into the laundromat. It was their faces that got me -- the faces on those weary women, sad, exhausted and almost lifeless as they stood out in the freezing cold with garbage bags full of soiled clothing. Seeing them humanized this tragedy for me in a way that Facebook photos could not, and I realized it had only just begun.
We all having much to be thankful for. And while it is only human for us to have moments where we stress out about things very minute, let's just keep it to that- a moment.

You can donate to the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief through the American Red Cross here.


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