How To | Sports Game with Baby Part 2

I shared yesterday how we took Michael to his first basketball game this past weekend. Once I hit the "Publish" button, this blog post immediately came to mind. And while most of it still holds true, the post was catered moreso to an outdoor game versus an indoor one. Today, I want to give you all a few more tips, plus some fit for a toddler.


1. Do your arena research- I cannot stress this enough. Some arenas don't allow strollers. Staples Center did. And if you're like us and our frugal when it comes to parking, it may be a bit of a walk. (Since close parking is absolutely ridiculous in price.) BUT, we decided to park close since 1. The American Music Awards were in the same area and it was chaos. 2. It was raining. Despite the "close" parking, it was still a bit of a walk. Not to mention that once we were in Staples Center, we had to walk even further to get to our seats. The stroller came in handy.

2. Pay the extra money & get another seat- Children under 3 are usually free. Although Michael was an angel and sat scared patiently on my lap, the space was tight.

3. Pack light- This ties in #1 & #2. There was very minimal leg room, therefore, a diaper bag would cramp your space even more. It's very tempting to pack everything you can think of to help keep your toddler occupied "just in case" but don't. Staples Center also had a long list of items you can't bring. Like an iPad, which we debated bringing to "entertain" Michael if he got fussy.


4. Bring your own food- If your game allows you to bring food, do it. I can't even tell you how much food was at Staples because we didn't get any. It was probably because we were still in shock over the fact that we paid $30 for parking. Ouch.


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