Laker Game | 11/18/12

There are moments every toddler's parent can't wait to experience. For some, having your child finally sleep through the night is a dream. For others, potty training is a bridge they cannot wait to cross. For us, we couldn't wait to take Michael to his first Laker game. And this past Sunday, we did just that.

When serious rumors that Dwight Howard would be traded to the Lakers came out, we knew immediately that if we wanted affordable tickets, we would have to purchase them soon. So, we did and picked a Lakers vs Rockets game. No, it wasn't because we're Asian and wanted to see Jeremy Lin. Haha We figured that this specific date would give Dwight ample time to recover from his surgery, if in fact he was traded.

We did luck out with this, as he did play. But little did we know, we would also be able to see James Harden, the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year, since he too switched up teams. Unfortunately, Mike D'Antoni didn't debut as the Lakers head coach nor was Steve Nash quite ready to hit the floor again. But that was okay. We did see him "Gangnam Style" it up, which was easily the highlight of the night.

Kobe Bryant had a triple double. All 5 starters were in double figures by half time. Paul Gasol hit 15,000 points. Lakers win. Baltimore Ravens win. It was a good night.

Hope you enjoy these snapshots:

one of the many Asians here to see Jeremy Lin... I mean the Lakers Untitled Untitled Untitled  Untitled Untitled 


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