San Diego 2012 | The Basics

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Since we had a really great first experience with Airbnb in New York, we wanted to use the website again for our weekend getaway to San Diego. Using the website more than once also builds your credibility as a customer, since hosts can decline rental requests to new users. Again, we had a great experience with the website. However, we felt that this time we got what we paid for- a $90 experience. The apartment we stayed at was perfect, but not perfect for us. This doesn't take away from the fact though that we still love Airbnb. E-mail me at kristina@yomichaelmichael.com if you want a more thorough review.


Road Trip
We know. A 2 hour drive isn't that long of a road trip. But when you have a toddler, your 2 hour trip can easily double into 4. And it was crucial that we made it to San Diego in 2 hours since we had The Color Run to attend. To be honest, car trips can just vary from one trip to the next. We can drive 50 miles away & Michael will be fine one day but it all changes the next day on a short drive to CVS. It all depends on the day. So we looked at this trip as we looked at our flights- just prepare yourself. We had old toys, new ones from The Dollar Tree, iPad & iPhones ready and charged, and the best form of entertainment with us- Michael's Grandma.


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