San Diego 2012 | Food

We ran a 5k! So, we celebrated with some good eats. San Diego definitely did not disappoint.

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The Tractor Room
Good Food. Big Portions. Nice Restaurant. Only downside, well, two of them: Our server wasn't the greatest in the world. (We didn't get out waters until right before our food was served. We had to actually ask our host for them.) And they wouldn't let us subsititute the corn bread. Not that we're against corn bread. (See the size of that thing up top.) But at that moment, we wanted pancakes. We were willing to pay more and it wasn't like there weren't pancakes on the menu. And the corn bread was so much! Buuut, the portions were so big, we had enough for breakfast the next day. What I got? Just the typical eggs, potatoes, and pancakes. That up there? That's my husband's meal of choice.

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Phil's BBQ
Everyone we talk to from San Diego says that we NEEDED to eat here. And the Yelp reviews don't lie. Phil's BBQ is the #1 most rated (and good ratings at that) in San Diego. When we got there the line was out the door- easily an hour wait. So we opted to get the food to go, which had another 10 minute line. Good thing our place was very close to Phil's as we were able to just chow down in the comfort of our own home. What I got? I shared a full rack of baby back ribs with my Mom (about 10-12 pieces) and some sweet beans. Probably the best beans I've ever had at a bbq joint.

The Bean Box
My husband got us some coffee Sunday morning at a local drive through coffee stand. Why we can't have a morning without coffee since becoming a parent is beyond me. It was fast, convenient, delicious (I opted for the white chocolate espresso), and they upgraded my husband's coffee for free. Why? I don't know. But it was much appreciated. And it made a great compliment to our Tractor Room leftover breakfast.



  1. Congrats on the 5K. I can not believe the size of that corn bread...it's huge!! Personally I prefer pancakes over corn bread too. Have a great day!


  2. The corn bread looks delicious!

    Did you enjoy the Color Run? It's been popping up in different blogs and it has made me wish that I had run it too.

  3. Thanks guys! It WAS huge. That's why we wanted pancakes. One serving fed all 4 of us.