Thoughts On Life Series

Next month, which technically means tomorrow since it's December 1st, I'm challenging myself to a creative writing series. Well, more like just a writing series where I'll reveal my thoughts on life. Thoughts on my life.

In no means is this an advice column. I know that what works for one person doesn't work for others. I know that life throws curve balls at you and you have to reassess what you're doing & make it work. I know that not everyone is as obsessive and compulsive as I am.

These writings are simply my experiences. My life.


For many people, they say that life comes full circle when their children have children. For me, I feel that my life has begun to ever since I gave birth to Michael.

You also hear that life should take on a natural order- you graduate college, find your dream job, get married, have children, retire & enjoy life.

I never understood this. Actually, I never agreed with it.

And because I didn't agree with it, I took a different route in my life.

I found a job first. Not even my dream job. And I met the love of my life, whom I married.

Then had Michael.

But now that we have him, I'm racing against the clock, against time, and doing everything backwards. And simultaneously.

Simply, I'm raising a son, maintaining a marriage, trying to establish a home business, and finish college. NOW.

It's challenging. It's not how I planned.

But it's proving to be worth it.


This series will take a closer look into my experiences with college, with jobs, with my marriage, and with my son.

I hope you stay with me through this. Get to know me. Get to know us.

And please leave a comment if you have posts similar. Or can offer me some of your words of wisdom. 


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