Movie Monday | 01/07/13

This past holiday season, my husband & I had 1 goal- to watch 4 movies. Watching movies, when Michael went down for a nap or for the night, was always our bonding time. And we successfully surpassed our goal by watching 7 of them. I know, there are 8 listed below, but I had to include Savages because it's still my favorite, despite watching it a week prior. Enjoy the reviews

Rating!!!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- I loved everything about this movie. Seriously, everything.
Downside- My husband said the only part he didn't like was that it was from Blake Lively's character's pov.

Movie- The Bourne Legacy
Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- I really see where this movie was heading & what they're trying to accomplish but...
Downside- It just didn't do it for me.

Movie- Total Recall
Rating!!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- Kate Beckinsale. Jessica Biel Timberlake. What a gorgeous cast.
Downside- I can't really say here what the downside is without giving the movie away. But I felt a little jipped at the end. Memory? Dream? Real life? Where is the stamp? So many questions!!

MovieJiro Dreams of Sushi
Rating!!!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- Chrissy Teigen describes this movie perfectly here.
Downside- I felt very hungry at the end.

MovieTrouble With the Curve
Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- Clint Eastwood's one-line jabs always get me. So does Justin Timberlake.
Downside- But it couldn't buy them 5 !s if they're lives depended on it.

Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- Please refer to The Bourne Legacy review.
Downside- Really, go read that review.

MovieThe Expendables
Rating!! (Out of 5)
Upside- We haven't finished this movie, but have suddenly wanted to because what?!!! Jean-Claude Van Damme is in the second?
Downside- We stopped watching the movie halfway through. We've never done that. That should say something.

MovieSnow White & the Huntsman
Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- The perfect movie for Kristen Stewart- where she played a character with hardly any lines.
Downside- Too long.


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