Phoenix 2013 | The Basics

Southwest had a great deal ($300 for the 3 of us) so we decided to take advantage of not only the savings but the long MLK holiday weekend. It was also great because this airline flew out of an airport closer to us and less congested.  My only peeve was how tight the seats were.  They had no tvs on our plane, so thank goodness it was only an hour flight.  Our flight home was also delayed but they made it up to us with pretzels and nuts.

We lucked out and rented a home from an owner with a toddler himself. The house was perfect, clean, & in a great location. E-mail me if you want more info.

I was annoyed that we had to wait almost a half hour at the Sky Harbor Budget line. This was in addition to having taken a 15 minute shuttle ride from the actual airport to the rental area. If it weren't for the voucher for a free rental we received from credit card rewards points, I would've opted in choosing a different car service. The only great thing was that we were able to upgrade (with a minimal fee of course) to our favorite car at the moment- a Toyota Venza. With the USAA member discount and some strings pulled by the employee, we were only hashing out about $20 out of pocket. BUT, when we picked our car up, a dirty towel was left in the front seat. No worries. We let them know and they took off $15 from the bill!


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