Phoenix 2013 | Children's Museum of Phoenix

We had planned our entire trip, down to what we were going to do each day. When our host suggested that we needed to visit the Children's Museum of Phoenix, we kinda gave the half-enthusiastic-nod "Okay, if we have time." Well, we did have time and we were so glad we checked this place out.

Now it was a little pricey ($30 for all three of us) but surprisingly, it was probably the best $30 we spent the entire trip.

Michael had so much fun here. It's 3 levels of parent heaven kid fun- cars, balls, climbing areas, a "pretend-like" area, story areas, arts and crafts, it was endless. My husband and I were able to sit back and relax, while Michael roamed around from one activity to the next. We didn't have to hover over him every second because of the fact that everything was extremely kid-friendly and safe. The staff was incredibly friendly too. I know its their job to be, but they seemed so genuine in their intentions of helping the children learn and have fun.

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We now can't wait to check out the local children's museum back home.


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