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When we first decided to travel to Phoenix, we knew we had to do some research into the local food.  Why? Because our favorite shows like Triple D & Man vs. Food always had a Phoenix restaurant featured. (And you know, these are the best type of recommendations our family could get.) It was a daunting task though, as he had to narrow our hit list to just 4 days.

But now, typing this blog made me realize that were not too successful in that task, as we ate out a lot! Probably too much. I'll spare all the details (I did include some handy Yelp review links) but will give you a peak into our personal experience at each eatery.

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Los Reyes de la Torta
What a great way to kick off our trip. The tortas here were 1 word- huge! (My husband and I split 1 order.) Okay, 2 words- delicious. The drinks were the same way. The only thing that bothered me about torta-style eateries are their Ruffle chip sides. (I'm a tortilla chip girl.)

So we thought that this bagelry was only in Phoenix. Wrong. My husband saw 1 by his work today. But it was so good we had it for breakfast again the following morning. The asiago cheese bagel is a must try.

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Indulge Burgers
Eh. It was okay. Michael and I split an order of mini burgers and my husband customized his own. If it weren't for the Yelp deal (I think it was a $15 for $20) we probably would've skipped this place.


Los Taquitos
My husband said they had the best tacos he's ever tasted. I was so full from our lunch at Indulge Burger, that I opted for chips and horchata. But that didn't stop me from taking a few bites of my husband's meal, which was amazing. The chips were great. The horchata, too much cinnamon.

Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles
The 15 minute wait to be seated at a booth was the longest we had to wait our entire trip. Although I wish I could say that the wait was worth it, it wasn't. I'm from southern California, so this place would undoubtedly be compared to Roscoe's. Hands down, there was no competition here. I did like the large mason jar of fruit punch Kool-Aid that I ordered.

Matt's Big Breakfast
We ended our trip with breakfast take out from Matt's. Although it was everything that we could've asked for in a breakfast (pancakes, eggs, sausage, potatoes, etc.) let's just say that it wasn't Denny's prices. The menu is also limited too.

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