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Taking, Giving, Teaching, Learning, Looking

We are currently.... 

Taking it one. February. day. at. a. time. We've been having a non-stop month and it just keeps going. Now, with issues in our house. In one word, mold.

Giving all our time and energy into just feeling better. (I caught the bug too and hoping I didn't spread it to my husband.)

Teaching Michael that he needs to say "Please" & not "no car". It's something he picked up a few months ago and although WE know what it means and we know what he is referring to, we still feel the need to correct it. It IS cute though.

Learning that no matter how healthy you eat, how well you take care of yourself, or how clean you think you are, you can get sick.

Looking outside the living room window. It's pretty busy around our neighborhood at this time, as we live by a busy intersection and 2 major freeways.

Visiting, Working, Creating, Loving, Missing-p



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