Friday's Letter | 02/22/12

Via NickMom

Dear Moms All Over the World-
I saw the above graphic yesterday while browsing another mom's Facebook page. And I just had to laugh. Could this be more true? I feel like this photo completely describes our lives as mothers. Don't you feel like when you go out for a nice family dinner, you're too busy cleaning up spilled glasses of water or trying to entertain your children, leaving your meal only partially eaten (and cold) and it's already time to pay the bill? Don't you feel like when you're in church, you miss the readings because you're either shh-ing your kids or preventing them from  jumping off a pew? Don't you feel like a shopping trip is more like a "get in and get out" trip? Oh, the joys of motherhood. I wouldn't change a thing.




  1. LOL so true so funny but I so wouldn't change a thing either!