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For the past 4 years, we've hosted a Superbowl party in our itty, bitty home. And while the words "hosting a party" gives me a bit of anxiety, we have found the perfect combination for a easy, cheap, but fun get together. Today, I'm sharing with you what's worked for us, in successfully hosting a touchdown Superbowl Party.

Invite people you really want there.
This year was a special year as the Baltimore Ravens were heading to the Superbowl. There was an internal conflict of whether or not we wanted to throw this huge bash. So we asked ourselves just one question- "Who do we want here if the Ravens were to lose?" And the decision on who to invite was simple.
In years past, we've also made the mistake of inviting people who weren't necessarily our friends but were moreso just "friends of friends." We felt the obligation to invite them because we were inviting other people within that same group of friends. Although our party was smaller (15 people) this year, it was a whole lot more fun.

Make it a potluck.
As hosts, we took care of the party utensils and drinks. We only asked our guests to bring their favorite Superbowl dishes. We had about 8 different appetizer, entree, and dessert dishes to choose from. Some brought dip, others brought ribs, one brought our favorite pizza, some baked, and one braved the lines and ordered wings at the local Wingstop. It was an overall success and easy on the wallet. Bonus- our guests were able to take home some of their favorites too, since we had so much food.

Ditch the decorations.
Although it was really tempting to go all out on the purple or black or even buy the football shaped plates, we decided to ditch it and keep everything plain. (Okay, we did end up buying football shaped Krispy Kreme donuts.) It was a good choice as it was easy on the clean up and seriously, who notices these things?

Set up a kid friendly area.
My son knows that we're big on the sports and is used to us yelling, screaming, and throwing things at the tv. However, we didn't want him nor the other kids invited to the party overwhelmed since the volume levels would probably increase two fold. We decided to open up his room and set it up like a play room. Yes, it did end up a big mess & everyone was allowed to bring food in. But the kids had fun and felt special since they had their own, separate space. They did however come out for a dance party during Beyonce's half time show.

The Superbowl is the most perfect occasion to host a party.
I can't stress how much we love hosting Superbowl parties. To be quite honest, you can't pick a better occasion. The theme is set. The time is set. You get the fun of a rivalry between teams and fandom. You also get the unity amongst everyone watching and conversing regularly about a common thing.


It also helped that the Ravens won the Superbowl. Best. Day. Ever.


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