Movie Monday | 02/11/13 Academy Awards

Every year, come awards season, we try to watch all films nominated in the Best Picture category of the Academy Awards. This year, Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, & Zero Dark Thirty are all nominated. (When did this list suddenly have more than 5 nominees?) Today, I'm reviewing all the movies we've seen so far. We've been pleasantly surprised with how much we've enjoyed these films.

Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- The concept of the movie was interesting- how Hollywood took part in saving the lives of Americans in Iran.
Downside- I remember the last half hour being intense and suspenseful. The rest of the movie seemed to drag a bit.

MovieDjango Unchained
Rating!!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- This is my husband's current Oscar nominee fav. The premise, music, and acting were all amazing. Why Leonardo Dicaprio was not nominated is beyond me.
Downside- I'm still not used to Quentin Tarantino gore. I had to cover my eyes for a good minute during the beginning scenes.

MovieLes Misérables
Rating!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- Wow. The signing was amazing. Anne Hathaway was amazing. Whenever she sang, I teared.
Downside- Russell Crowe. I also felt the movie peaked too soon leaving the rest of the film to drag. No time during the movie did I buy into the hype.

MovieSilver Linings Playbook
Rating!!!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- This is probably my favorite out of the nominees so far. I'm used to Bradley Cooper in silly roles like in The Hangover and Wedding Crashers, but he nailed his character in this film. It was such a simple film but provoked tons of emotion. It's real life.
Downside- Unfortunately, I didn't think Jennifer Lawrence's performance was worth that SAG Award. (I do luv her though.)

MovieZero Dark Thirty
Rating!!!! (Out of 5)
Upside- I was so intrigued by this film that I had to Google who and what the film was based on right after it ended. I'm also a big fan of Kathryn Bigelow's style of filmmaking.
Downside- I wish the scene in Pakistan at the end of the film was longer.

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