Presidents Day Weekend 2013

There will never be a shortage of excitement in our household. And this weekend proved just that. On Saturday, we wanted to continue our resolution from LAST year & explore more of what our city (Los Angeles) has to offer. We decided to head out to the La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum. It was so fun and these pictures prove it.

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We decided to have lunch at 25 degrees situated in the Roosevelt Hotel. They had what can be dubbed as "thee best chocolate shake" in Los Angeles.

This is where it gets interesting. Our car broke down on the way home. Thankfully, we have awesome auto insurance, amazing friends who rescued us, and Michael napped the whole time. We just found out today that the Prius problems were related to Toyota's most recent recall. The technician gave us more good news as our diagnostic test fees were completely waived!


Sunday was a more relaxed day, as we went to church, had lunch at GrandPapa's, and watched the NBA All-Star game in the evening.

We finished the weekend off by doing the one thing I have been looking forward to all weekend- going to Disneyland. For any Disney goers, I recommend going to Disneyland once it opens rather than towards the end of the day. We were able to go on 3 rides- The Finding Nemo Submarine ride, Astroblasters, & the carousel. 3 rides in 2 hours is a success in my book. We had so much fun! And I just realized that we didn't have a churro.

P1030065 P1030074 P1030078

Hope you all had a great Presidents Day weekend.


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