Trip To the Car Wash

Everywhere you turn, you're hearing that this is the worst flu season to date. But the more we hand wash, sanitize, and even stay indoors, the more I feel we're getting worse.

Michael has had a cold for the past few days. It all hit the fan the other night when his temp read 102 degrees. (This was after staying in and keeping warm for the majority of the weekend.)  Along with that, I started to feel my cold head south.

Yesterday, instead of just running that quick errand, we decided to just head out and not let these sicknesses stop us. Thankfully, Michael's fever dropped to normal temps, giving me some piece of mind.

I took him to the car wash. And while I don't have anything epic to report, nor was this his first time there, we had fun. Lots of fun.

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It was a beautiful day too.


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