Valentine's Day 2013

Our Valentine's Day started pretty.....intense would be the best word. We thought Michael was getting better on Tuesday when things went down south pretty fast the evening of Ash Wednesday.  After going to church, we had dinner at my Mom's, where Michael just looked miserable. He didn't want to eat. He didn't want to play. All he wanted was to be carried. Since we were already in the area, we just decided to go to the hospital. Long story short, bronchitis was his diagnosis.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day morning. 1 in the morning. Michael started shaking uncontrollably. I didn't know if he was asleep or unconscious so we turned on all the lights. Still acting the same, we had to make the quick decision of calling 911 or driving to the hospital. We didn't know if he was having an allergic reaction to his medication or whatever else. He started to fully wake up but still shaking. We called 911 (our very first time calling) and per the operators instructions, removed all his clothing and diaper. He began to throw a fit and was shaking even more. I mean, wouldn't you be if you felt cold and had to remove all your clothes?

Basically, what happened was that Michael suddenly had a spike in temperature and his body was trying to self regulate. We called just in time to help him, preventing the worst- a seizure. His temp at this point was 103.

The fire department came. EMTs came as well. They informed us that we were doing the best that we could. The only thing that they could do was transport us to the hospital. And even there, since he wasn't having a seizure, they could only treat his chills and fever. How you ask? Probably with Tylenol. We opted to monitor him at home.

His shakes began to lessen and his temperature began to go down. Thankfully. At this point, we probably had about 8 men and myself in our bedroom. (What a Valentine's Day huh!??) Of course, we had to sign some paperwork, relieving them of duty from our home.

45 minutes had past at this point. And Michael gave us a glimpse of a smile. He probably realized that it was 2 in the morning & was ecstatic he was in mommy & daddy's room. What came next? He thought it was playtime. It took him another good hour to go back down to sleep where he didn't wake up until 8:30a the next morning. He's never slept in that long in his life.


The rest of the day was spent at home. Playing. Daniel Tiger. Riding his car around the house. Sitting in a steam-filled bathroom.

We did leave in the evening though to get some In & Out. Yum! And my husband even surprised me with orchids. Reminiscient of his first Valentine's Day gift to me almost 10 years ago. They were beautiful. Valentine's Day this year will never be forgotten.




  1. sounds awful! so glad he's recovering now.

  2. Ohmygoodness! Intense is right! I'm so glad that things turned out ok. Sending lots of love. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon!