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Feeling, Imagining, Considering, Listening To, Moving

We're currently.... 

Feeling cold, then hot, then cold, then hot again. You gotta love this California weather.

Imagining everything. Michael has been a master story teller lately. It's been so fun watching him grow up.

Considering moving our desk in the living room. But then we need to consider where to put it & what we're going to put in it's place.

Listening To some class assignments. This is the first class in all my years in this program that has an audio lecture. Then again, it IS a Business Media class.

Moving boxes. We've had so many deliveries this week, I've been finding myself moving boxes around. Not because of the amount of boxes, but because Michael takes joy in putting them in his choice of place- usually all in the kitchen. Or by the front door.

Drinking, Buying, Driving, Missing, Obsessing



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