Disneyland | 03/01/13

I feel like I've had one of those weeks where the week was non-stop and there's been so much to do. But I also feel like I did so little. As a parent.

We've had a mold issue in our home, which sounds really bad, but was probably more of a headache than a health danger. This is probably the most we've also been in our home since Michael was a newborn. And although the problem is now fixed, I feel being a parent essentially took the back burner. I'm so thankful that Michael has been really patient through this whole ordeal: playing on his own in his room, entertaining himself, not melting down at the fact that we've been indoors while the weather is so beautiful outside, not having a nice home cooked meal in almost 2 weeks, and missing most of his scheduled playgroups and music classes all week. He had to accommodate the unstable, unreliable, and endless appointments that were made with contractors, mold mediators, plumbers, more plumbers, asbestos testers, etc.  This was the scene in our home:

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I was completely stressed out. Rafael & Michael were the only ones who kept me sane all week.

Everything finally settled itself yesterday as our last appointment (and probably the most stress-free) was done. Yes, we needed an appointment for someone to put our dishwasher back! (Unbelievable.) To say I was relieved, happy even, would be an understatement.

My husband was feeling a bit under the weather so he decided not to go to his weekly Friday night basketball game. And me? I was exhausted. Between these appointments, getting over my sickness, it being finals week, and well, just being a Mom, I didn't have any energy to even think.

It would've been easy to do nothing again. To just relax. To shut down for a second. To promise Michael (again) that we'd do something fun tomorrow.

But we decided to take a spur of the moment trip to our favorite place: Disneyland. Which was probably the best decision ever.

Just getting out and breathing natural air, listening to the Friday night band in Tomorrow Land, having a churro or two, and literally running as fast as we can down Main Street & the parking structure was all worth it. I hadn't seen Michael as happy as he was exploring Innoventions all week.

Yes, the mold issue was done. But I couldn't help but feel, as a parent, a sense of guilt for putting everything Michael was involved with for the past week on hold to fix it. Our impromptu trip truly made me realize that sometimes things don't need to be rushed to get fixed. Especially when they're not imperative. And that as a parent, realizing that you just put everything for your son on hold so that you can handle your business was a real eye opener to how I handle my time and energy.

In the end, I'm thankful we took this trip. Michael may not have forgotten that we didn't do anything this past week (and neither will I) but we will remember too all the fun we had at Disneyland.



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