Friday's Letters | 03/08/13

Dear Michael,

This week you started the 2-year-old program at a local school. 2 days a week you would go for a few hours and learn things from the sweetest teacher Miss Susan.


The first day was tough. Not for you. But for us, your parents. I think we took it harder than you did. Probably because when we dropped you off, you happily went to play. When we picked you up, you ran to us. Your teachers said you hit a bit of a rough patch in the morning after we left, but you did all the activities. They loved your dancing. And you even used the potty!! What!!! We were concerned about your crying in the morning, but your teachers reassured us that it was nothing abnormal. I know, everyone says its normal. But it still breaks my heart.


Thursday started a bit more rough. You wouldn't let me go & I had to rush out of there. THAT was the worst thing ever. Of course, I didn't leave without telling you a million times that I would be back, that I Love You, and that everything will be okay. (But dang, you have great memory.) I tried my hardest to not walk back in to comfort you, only because I knew I could trust your teachers with you. So I got in my car and drove straight to the nearest store I could find: CVS. I then went home. And what a lonely feeling it was to not have you or Daddy there. I felt the anxiety to know how you were doing, so after an hour, I decided to call Miss Carla, your school director. I asked her if you had calmed down and guess what? She said she saw me leaving and by the time she came into the school, you weren't crying any more.

I picked you up after a few hours but before going into your class, I peeked through the window to see how you were doing. You were leaning against the table, participating with your classmates & learning about the Filipino flag. You ran to me once again. And the first thing that Miss Susan said was that you did so well that day. The only time you cried was when I had left. You used the potty again. And that speech delay that we were worried about? She didn't even know you had one, as you said your letters, numbers, shapes, and colors correctly!

The hardest part of this whole thing isn't the separation anxiety. Or whether or not you're learning, or playing nice, or using the potty, or eating your meals, or napping. We know you will. And if not, hey, that's what school is for. To learn. And grow. And have fun.

It's the fact that you are growing up. And with growing up, that means our time together is becoming more and more limited. It's the realization that the day you want me to drop you off at the corner instead of right in front of school or you roll your eyes when I give you a million kisses is getting closer. As a parent, that's what we fear the most: when our children won't need us anymore.

So like you, I'm taking this day by day. Most days will be easy and a breeze. And you'll have so much fun with your new friends and tons of activities you can show off to us. But on those days when you have a hard time, cry, or miss us, just know, I'm at home crying and missing you too.


Dear Moms-
No one ever tells you how hard DAY 2 is. So here's me telling you.



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