Our Weekend

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On Friday night, my husband's basketball game was canceled again, freeing up our evening. We decided to pick him up from work & explore downtown LA, Silverlake, & Los Feliz. We visited Angels Knoll (famous from the movie 500 Days of Summer) and took the Angels Flight Railway. I guess the city of Los Angeles needed money because no, kids do not ride the railway for free.

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Since we fast from meat on Fridays, the Lobsta Truck was perfect. Followed by some macaroons. Perfect night.

lobsta roll from the lobsta truck

We had our entire weekend planned thereafter. On Saturday, we planned to go to a new church, pick up dinner from a new Mexican food truck, and check out a new LA landmark: the Griffith Park Observatory. Plans immediately changed when the Prius battery gave out. It was a sign from above that we needed to bring our car in again & get that smell coming from the vents checked out once and for all. What was it? A plastic bag caught in our exhaust.

We stayed local but decided to still go to a new church. We then headed to Mario's, one of our favorite Peruvian restaurants.

Untitled Untitled lomo saltado shrimp fried rice

On our way home, we decided to pass by the mall. Since when did the malls close at 7?? Anyhoo, it was a fun time. We took a brisk walk through the mall to help burn off what we had eaten these past 2 days.

How was your weekend?


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