Toddle Along Tuesday | 03/12/13

Yay! I'm so glad that Toddle Along Tuesday is back today. Today's theme is pet peeves. And as much as I would like to vent here, I'll keep it to parenting/toddler-themed pet peeves. So here we go:

1. When someone doesn't hold the door open for me & my son in his stroller. What's worse is that sometimes people just stare at me struggling. Help me out.

2. Obvious regifting. Now don't get me wrong, we love gifts in our household. But c'mon. A newborn toy or newborn outfit for my 2 year old?

3. When people hover over my son if I ask them to keep eye out on him. Give him some space. I'm sure you'll be able to stop him from climbing the chair, getting on the counter, grabbing the knife, & hurting himself without having to hover.

4. When people result in turning on the tv for my son when I ask them to watch him. Give him attention. Are you really that lazy that you can't play with him for an hour?

5. Child-less people in the children's chapel at church. Why can't you sit with the rest of the congregation? Then they have the nerve to act like our energetic child is disrupting the service.

6. Offering Michael food without asking my husband or me first. Self-explanatory.

Now what are your mommy/daddy pet peeves?


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  1. Seriously, a newborn outfit for a 2 year old? Some people just really don't get it LOL