April Spring Into Cleaning Series

Now I don't want to sound like Misses Perfect. Or toot my own horn.....too much (because I definitely have lots to improve on.) But one of the things I pride myself in is my time management and organization skills.

Long story short, I complete my to-do list for the day 99% of the time, each day, every day. All before 7:30pm. And most often then not, I'm in bed by 9pm. (Take that all of you who say sleep is for the weak!)

How do I do it? Well, that's where this new blog series comes into play.

It's not going to be this long, extensive course on how to rearrange your home AND life. Nor will it involve creating a life binder, rummaging and creating specialized e-mail addresses, etc. It will simply be  me, a woman/wife/mother/and everything in between, sharing what she knows best on the topics of time management and organization.

My husband once told me, "Real changes happens as a result of a bunch of small steps."

I could not agree more with this.

My hope for this series is that you will use these changes to create habits within your daily lives. Trust me, I didn't get to this point by making drastic changes or going through an HGTV home makeover. I simply took bits of advice from family, friends, the Internet, and tailored them to my life. And it has worked.

So for the next month, I'll be sharing a simple solution of the week. And today, I'm previewing these tips for you. They are:

  • The 1-In-1-Out Rule
  • Benefits of multi-purpose items such as coconut oil & lemons
  • The 2 Minute Rule
  • How to create the best to-do list
  • "Don't Eat Mail For Breakfast"

I'll see you here next week, same time, for the first tip.


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