Currently | 04/11/13


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Entertaining, Holding, Building, Smiling, Frowning

We're currently.... 

Entertaining let me rephrase this, entertained by, the massive amount of puzzles we have. Michael is putting them together, reciting his letters, numbers, colors, stacking them, throwing them, hiding them, everything. And surprisingly, only the number 7 is missing!

Holding every Disney Pixar stuffed animal all at the same time. Everywhere we go. With the puzzle pieces mentioned above. It's a sight to see.

Building the tallest cup stack ever. We're spring cleaning & Michael has enjoyed playing with all the things we're donating. I hope he doesn't realize I've removed them from his usual play area today.

Smiling because of bubbles. It seems like every playdate, Easter egg hunt, get together, and party had some treat bag with bubbles. And we've been playing with them ever since.

Frowning because of thorns. We did some gardening yesterday and despite wearing gloves, I still got pricked. But hey, I think my thumb is turning green.

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  1. what a fun read! your Michael sounds like my Noah--he carries 4 stuffed animals and an action figure everywhere we go {right now} and I finally just put his "friends" in a backpack that gets to wait in the car, sometimes ;) lol. Only one missing puzzle piece! yay!! I love bubbles, too; they definitely let you know spring is here. I'm thinking of {see: trying to remember to} getting Noah a kite, soon.

    Have a lovely week!

    1. New day, new friends to tote around.