Friday's Letters | 04/05/13

Dear Daddy,

Dear Blog Readers:
I apologize for my inability to post my first tip yesterday for the Spring Into Cleaning Series. I attempted 10 times to do a video post on it and without avail, failed each time. An unexpected guest kept popping up on the screen. ;) For what it's worth, I apologize and will be posting TWO tips next week.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for everything you've done for me/us this week. Thanks for pushing me to follow my dreams & to continue dreaming, no matter how silly or out of reach it may sound. How did you do all that, you may ask? I see you chasing your dreams everyday, that's how.

Dear Michael,
We received your April calendar yesterday & learned that the virtue you will be learning about this month is "compassion". It couldn't come at a more perfect time as I too am learning about that selfless lesson now. Compassion, son, is something that I still find challenging as an adult. Simply put Michael, compassion is understanding. Although it is such a fundamental virtue that we think should come naturally from the heart, it is the hardest for me to understand. Compassion means empathizing in others' suffering.  But how can I empathize with others if I myself am still suffering in my own right? I hope to one day show you true compassion. Not just through my words and actions to you & your Daddy (because that comes easily to me), but to overcome the challenge that is showing this virtue to everyone else.


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