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Spring time for many, including myself, means spring cleaning.  Sharing my tips on spring cleaning has actually gotten me thinking about our experience searching for a home. Our home. Today, I'm sharing with you a reflection on that experience, similar to what I did with other experiences, such as Michael's birth story, the infamous mom haircut, and the decision to get married.

When we first decided to search for a home, we had a million point check list of what we wanted. It was honestly like those checklists when you're planning a wedding. We wanted to so many things and as the time was getting closer to the close date, the choices (much like the to-do) list increased and became more detailed.

And after being in this home, we know exactly what we are looking for in our next home. What we realized from these experiences, is that the home that would best suit our needs is a a newly built home.

Now don't get me wrong, we are completely in love with our house now. It was perfect for my husband and I. But now with our son, we can completely see where our future in home buying is. Besides location, specific home features, and of course, being budget friendly, a newly built home is definitely part of our "musts" of our next dream home.

A newly built home has tons of benefits. The ability to personalize as you wish during the building process. A newly built home actually allows us to trade our to-do list of things (like repairing and remodeling) with a want list that we would see in our finished home. The customization benefits would not only save us time and money, but can actually be more energy efficient.

This was something that we did not know we could do when we searched for our home a few years back, to be honest. We went through the traditional route of communicating with a real estate agent versus doing our own research. And in a way, until we found our home, I was pretty naive that the customization benefits were even out there. There are websites out there like BHI’s Start Fresh Buy New website that provides so much information on buying new homes. I kind of wish we knew that then, but glad we know now.

Lastly, we realized that most of the homes we searched for didn't fit the mold for our future family's needs. On our wish list now is a home built for modern families, with open floor plans, more storage and more room to entertain and play. Newly built homes have this feature and is perfect for us.

So while we love our home, we can't wait to start looking again.

What was your experience like searching for your home? I would love to hear what worked (and didn't) for you and your family and any tips you have for our second go at this.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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