Our Easter Weekend 2013

Easter is one of my favorite Christian holidays. While we have lots of fun participating in all the Easter activities, egg hunts, and get-togethers, I feel its also a time that brings peace to our little family.

Each year, my husband and I like to fast from something that we both mutually agree on before Lent. We don't usually reveal what we fast from, since its pretty sacred to us both. Even after the 40 days have ended, we don't talk about it much with others. So we're keeping that a secret. That's why Easter brings so much peace to our household.  Maybe we did not succeed. Maybe we had the worst 40 days of the entire year, just trying to fast. Maybe we ended up succeeding but are having trouble with the fact that now we think we can indulge.

Either way, we know how we've done and we know what needs to be improved on our lives. Easter marks that day. And we hope that Michael too learns through our example that Easter just isn't about the fun. But we hope he had lots of it.

We hope you enjoy these photos & had a wonderful Easter too.

Quality time with Daddy

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Lazy Dog Cafe Dinner

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House Warming Party

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Easter Sunday

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