Our Weekend

I'd like to think that the weekends always begin on Friday. Last Friday was Grandparents Day at Michael's school. Michael's Grandma (my Mom) took the day off from work & joined in the festivities. Michael's school prepared a delicious breakfast: Starbucks coffee, bagels, fruits, juice, yogurt, etc. Michael even presented my Mom with a handmade greeting card.

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Days like this honestly tug at my heart. I feel like my life has been coming in full circle, with my Mom now attending our son's school events.

We then spent the rest of the day with her. That evening, you can guess what we did- EAT! Michael has learned the art of negotiating and had each of my aunt's buy him stickers from the neighboring Stater Brothers after dinner. Talk about spoiled.

On Saturday, my husband had to work at his department's tent at the Festival of Books. We decided to tag along. Who knew that the Festival of Books would be a festival of food too?

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USC's Physical Therapy department shared the booth with my husband's department that morning. They had a full on yoga session going as well as as physical fitness tests available to all the attendees. Michael completed the obstacle course with his cousin. Future USC sports star?

P1050521 P1050522 P1050523 

Michael looked like he was overheating. Fast. So we decided to head home while the rest of our family headed to The Grove. They did come back bearing gifts, including this book of over 700 Thomas & Friends stickers. And Sprinkles cupcakes for us.


We ended the evening with church and dinner with the in-laws.

Sunday was our day of rest. We finally opened up one of Michael's Christmas gifts and had a sports day of sorts, while watching NBA Playoff basketball. (Get it together, Lakers!) That was of course, without ending the weekend trying a new burger spot- Rounds Burgers. (We got a bit of cabin fever.) It was delicious! But way overpriced. The service kind of sucked too. I actually heard the cashier actually tell a customer she didn't know what kind of cheese they had. What?!!


How did we end the weekend? Well, with all the stickers Michael has been accumulating, this was bound to happen.


Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. So sweet, great images! Thanks for stopping by the Monday Mom's Mingle, I had a blast co-hosting because I found great blogs... like yours!