Reblogged from The Neighborhood. They have a fantastic giveaway going on right now for a ticket to the sold out Alt Summit NYC next month. I had to take a chance! It's a post so fitting for this blog and the upcoming holiday- How to give Mom the best day ever. Enjoy.


When I was little, Mother’s Day consisted of me making my mom breakfast (probably cereal) and giving her a card covered in glitter and glue. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but now that I’m a little older I have a different version of planning an awesome day for mom. Read on for a few perfect ideas on how to plan a Mother’s Day that your mom (or any mom!) would love.
Let her sleep in. Get the day started and ready while mom has a lazy morning.
Get outside. Go for a walk together (or a bike ride, or a swim!), and enjoy spring outdoors. I love walking and talking—take the opportunity to catch up with your mom if it’s been a while since your last great conversation.

Take her to (or make!) brunch. Mom’s choice! Does she have a favorite restaurant? Or a favorite dish? Make a reservation or get ingredients ahead of time to avoid the rush. Settle in to have a beautiful meal together.
Get girly. If your mom is a girly-girl, indulge her! Take her window shopping or get your nails done together. If budget is an issue, collect your manicure tools and do home mani-pedis together.
Relax. Massages, anyone? Meditation? People watching? However your mom likes to relax, whether it’s napping or a coffee break, give her the afternoon to do it, guilt-free.
Get everyone in on it. After you’ve spent some quality time together, make it a big celebration! If your mom loves a party, invite the whole gang to dinner.
Go out on the town. My mom loves to go to the theatre. Think about what your mom loves and make it happen! Be creative—concerts, movies, sporting events, and shows are all fair game. Just be sure to tailor the event to your mom and you can’t go wrong.
Give her a little something. It can be as simple as a handmade card or you can go all-out, but it’s so sweet to have a little something to present to your mom on her day.
Don’t let her lift a finger. No matter what you choose to do on Mother’s Day, be sure your mom understands that it’s all taken care of! Moms are the best when it comes to caring for others, and it’s so wonderful to return the favor.
Tell her thank you. You may not be the best with words, but find a way to say thank you to your mom for . . . well, for being your mom.


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