Astro Orbitor

The Astro Orbitor in Disneyland's Tomorrowland is hands down, Michael's favorite ride. Every time we went to Disneyland, Michael would immediately point to this ride, which basically spun around guests who sat in mini rockets. But being only a year old, we thought he would cry the entire ride.

Once you pass Main Street, you can see the Astro Orbitor. You can never miss it.  Michael never did. When we went passed Sleeping Beauty's castle (to grab a churro of course,) he would point in the direction of Tomorrowland, where we would divert our route and just watch the rockets spin for a few minutes. This was enough time for a group of guests to enjoy the ride. We always thought this was enough for Michael.

That was until a few months ago, when we passed by the Astro Orbitor and realized there was an incredibly short line. We decided on a whim to ride it.

And what fun we had.

You can imagine the tight fit, as my husband, Michael, and I crammed into one rocket. Although we felt like sardines squashed in a can, the feeling couldn't be compared to the joy we felt being together for the first time on the ride. It was those feelings of happiness where you can't even grab a camera because you're just having that much fun.

The next few times we've gone on the ride, we've taken turns riding with Michael. I can't tell you that it's gotten better from a "health" perspective. The ride makes me want to vomit really. I don't know if its the speed, the circles, the time of day we've gone on it (dusk), or even the chilly, cloudy weather but I end up really dizzy. I was never afraid of roller coasters either. My husband gets a horrible headache from the ride too.


We still have fun though. Because as a parent, it's not about you, it's about them. This IS still Michael's favorite ride. And as much of a weak sauce my husband and I are now, we love Michael that much more and can't say no to this ride. Isn't that what true love is anyways?


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