Chicago 2013 | The Basics


I've said this before & I'll say it again: Virgin America is our favorite airline. From their friendly staff (both at the airport and on the airplane) to the fact that they have a TV for every passenger, it takes away the stresses of flying. The flight attendants did not hesitate to give us as many water bottles or cups of ice as we requested and always gave Michael a smile as they passed through the aisles. It was also good to know that both planes that we took were amazingly clean & didn't wreak of the flight before. The only thing we were peeved about was the not so smooth landing into LAX.

in front of our apt Untitled
In Front Of Our Place

rooftop apt view
Rooftop View

I'm really glad that our experiences with Airbnb keep getting better and better. Now, I must admit, I'm probably not the easiest person to deal with when it comes to booking your place. If you say you want me to ask as many questions as you want, trust me, I'll ask. Eileen, our host, was amazing when it came to this. She did not hesitate to answer any of my questions, as silly as they seemed, and always responded within an hour of me asking. Booking a place in a city you've never been in can be intimidating, however, Eileen along with other hosts we dealt with in the past, have always been so gracious and patient in answering or providing info to us. For that, I'll always be a fan of Airbnb despite the fact its being outlawed in some cities. Anyhoo, her place was so spacious. It's actually larger than our home, in square footage. It was also probably the cleanest place we have ever booked. It was situated close enough to the train and to catch a cab, if we were feeling lazy. It also had a great view of the city.

red to the blue Untitled Untitledfun times on the train Untitled

Chicago Transit Authority/Public Transportation
I'm so proud of ourselves for the risk we took in not booking a car rental for this trip. However, I know now that I need to hop on Groupon deals fast, as a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) pass was only $9 for a 3 Day Pass. Because we purchased this at the O'Hare Station, it came out to $20. We took the train everywhere. And Michael thoroughly enjoyed it. If it wasn't a train, we took a cab, which I have to admit, were the safer and friendlier drivers of any trip we've taken. And if it wasn't a cab, we walked. I have to say, traveling this way for any trip is the best way to go. Just being in the city without the luxury of a car was an amazing experience.


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