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first dining experience had to be a deep dish #giordanos #pizza that deep dish mushroom and sausauge calimari to start and buttered noodles for Michael Untitled always hungry

Now don't get me wrong. I love pizza. And what better place to get a deep dish pizza than Giordano's in Chicago, right? But, our experience here wasn't the best. We were incredibly hungry after our day of traveling and wanted what we thought was going to be the pizza experience of our lives. First, there was only outdoor seating available, which we didn't mind since Michael would be able to roam around the outdoor patio while we waited 45 minutes for our pizza to bake. The upside to this was that my husband got to take Michael to Niketown while I waited and people watched. The downside, it took an hour to bake. When it finally came out, it was mediocre at best. Maybe we were just overwhelmed by the size of the pizza. We had ordered a small and between the both of us, could not finish it. (It did make for a good leftover meal the next night.) Now Michael's food was pretty damn good. We ordered him some buttered noodles which came with some bread. I could've settled for that bread instead.

kuma burger mac & cheese w/ mushrooms, bacon and chicken fries P1060117

Again, we opted for outdoor seating here since the restaurants in Chicago seemed much smaller in size than those here out in Los Angeles and they were full to capacity. But as you can see from the size of my husband's Kuma Burger, restaurant size is not indicative of meal size. I didn't get to try his burger but my husband definitely enjoyed it. And remember how I mentioned the best mac & cheese in yesterday's post? You'll find that here. Portions? Again, shareable like Giordano's. And that's really all I can say about that.

lonsilog katsu

Halo Asian Mix
We had lunch earlier that day at Wrigley Stadium. After pizza and hot dogs all trip long, I was seriously craving some Filipino food. After a quick Yelp search, we found this gem. I seriously loved my longsilog plate. (Lonsilog is a Filipino brerakfast consisting of longanisa, a sweet sausage, eggs, and rice.) My husband settled for a chicken katsu plate, which he again, split with Michael. I was a bit disappointed though that they were out of spam that day. (Seriously, what Asian/Japanese/Hawaiian mix place doesn't have spam?) It was a great last meal to a great trip.


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